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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Fire Prevention for Landlords

Fire Prevention for Landlords

Fire hazards in residential properties cause injuries, death, and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just minutes, which is why landlords and property managers prioritize fire prevention and safety over any other thing. You must know the steps for safety to know and learn fire prevention for Landlords. And yes, that is you.

First things first, most residential fires are caused by cooking, of which 40 percent begin in the kitchen.  Such fires start because of unattended cook-top or oven. Rental property fires also occur due to smoking, heating, and electrical faults.Fire Prevention for Landlords

So, what to do you to avoid fire on your rental property?

Comply with the local area fire code – the fire department always have a fire code that helps to prevent fire and e sure that safety measures are in place in the event of a fire. It is wise to have the local fire department inspect your property and ensure it complies with the fire code.

Install and maintain fire alarms and smoke detectors –Keep your residential property safe by ensuring smoke detectors in the rental units are working properly. Installing fire alarms, heat detectors and sirens will make the property safe for your tenants by alerting the occupants of a fire, giving them ample time to evacuate in an orderly fashion.

Conduct regular annual fire prevention and safety measures

Once every year, inspect heaters for flammable materials that may have come close by. Also, inspect the building for faulty wiring, including heating and ventilation systems, and fireplaces. In case of bad wiring, fallen lines or loose electrical cords, call a qualified electrician to inspect the electrical equipment and fix it.  If lint has accumulated on dryer vents, make sure to remove them.

Have a fire extinguisher placed in the kitchen of every unit

It is important to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen of every rental unit. If during the inspection, you discover some units do not have an extinguisher, make sure it is replaced.

When it comes to preventing fires, collaboration with your tenants is crucial. Take it upon yourself to educate them about fire prevention and safety.