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How to Help Children Adjust To Moving

Summertime is here and many families look to this time to begin either looking for a new place to live and or have already started the process of moving. Moving your family to a new home can be exciting but children can struggle especially when they have to leave their old home and life. Below are some ways that you can help children adjust to moving or at lease make it a little easier.

Children can be overwhelmed by the experience of moving to a new house when they have to lose friends and have to put up with strangers in the new community. You can help your children adjust to the move by implementing these tips before relocating the family.

Help Children Adjust To MovingPrepare the Kids – Help your kids adapt to the move by breaking the news to them in advance. This gives them ample time to process the information so that they can prepare accordingly. One way to achieve this process is to ask them to make a book about the house with pictures of the house, their friends, favorite neighborhood spots and school.

Listen to your Kids – Give your children adequate time to come to terms with the idea of moving. Acknowledge their sadness about losing their friends and favorite places. Be sympathetic and assure them that you understand that they might feel nervous about the move. However, try expressing an optimistic attitude about the move to give your children more confidence and rub off anxiety on them.

Involve The Kids During the Process – Many children will adjust to home relocation quickly if they are included in the moving process. Ask them to help unpack boxes or arrange furniture. This will help create a sense of connection to their new environment as well as eliminating stress and withdrawal.

Stick to the Schedule –  Children will easily adjust to the change if you maintain your old routines so that they can lean on the things that are the same. Help build a sense of consistency by maintaining family meal times, bedtime rituals and read to them their favorite stories.

Whatever it is that you do to ease the adjustment for your children during a move, it is important to give them time to cope. They will want to adjust to their new environment, new house smell and sounds, you just have to allow them time to get used to it.