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How to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe in their Home

How to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe in their Home

If you have loved ones who still live independently in their own homes, it is important to ensure their security and keep them safe.  Learn how you can keep your aging parents safe in their home and give them their own sense of freedom.

A residential burglary can occur anytime. To keep your loved one’s home secure and minimize the risks of a break-in, follow these tips.Keep Your Aging Parents Safe in their Home

Inspect the exterior

Items stored outside the house such as ladders, gardening tools or building materials can be used by a robber to get access to your senior parents’ home. Consider keeping these items in the garage or shed. Also, avoid having dense vegetation or shrubs between houses or beside entrances.

Fortify entrances

Inspect all windows, doors, and vents for weak or faulty locking mechanisms. Make sure windows are properly locked and secure window air conditioning units with metal bracket, steel corner braces or sliding window locks. Secure entry doors including the garage door and the interior doors to prevent them from being pushed into or pulled out. Never hide keys outside the home.

Inspect lighting

When your loved one’s home is well-lit, it can deter intruders from targeting your home thereby providing safety to your parents. Make sure the front porch lights are strong enough to illuminate the entrance and front yard. Also, put exterior lights at the best angle such that all dark areas in the home are properly illuminated. If possible, install motion sensors to exterior lights.

Be wary of suspicious activity

Criminals tend to prey on seniors because they are thought to be trusting and generous individuals. Talk to your loved ones on how to be on guard or report unusual behavior. Urge your loved ones to always ask for credentials of strangers if they feel uncomfortable. Also, find a trustworthy caregiver to take care of your loved ones.

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