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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Pet Restrictions for Your Rental Property

Pet Restrictions for Your Rental Property

If you allow pets on your rental property you need to have reasonable pet restrictions to ensure you safeguard and protect your investment. Know the pet restrictions for your rental property and why.

Here are some suggestions to consider.

Pet species

Your pet agreement policy should specify clearly the type of pet species you allow on your property. Common domesticated animals tenants bring with them include cats, dogs, fish, birds, guinea pig, rabbits and more. You need to consider the characteristics of your rental property to help determine the species of pets it can accommodate. If the yard is fenced and large enough, you may allow dogs. It is imperative to know the pet restrictions for your rental property and why.

Aggressive dog breeds

As a landlord or property manager, you’re entitled to ban dangerous dog breeds that you feel have a propensity for violence. Furthermore, your landlord insurance policy may not cover liability for certain aggressive dog breeds.

In addition, check your local laws for restrictions or lack of it for certain breeds.

Pet weight

Property owners can also restrict the weight or size of an animal by height to prevent damage to their rental property. Most landlords allow dogs that weigh no more than 40 pounds. However, not all big dogs display destructive or annoying behavior. Your primary concern should be whether the property is large enough to accommodate large breeds.

Number of pets

There’s a greater chance of property damage if you allow more pets on your rental property. Make sure that the tenant pet policy clearly specifies the maximum number of pets each tenant is allowed to keep on the property.

A requirement for neutered, wellness or licensing

To ensure that the pets remain calm and well-behaved, make it a requirement that every cat or dog owned by tenants are spayed/neutered and that they are current on their rabies vaccinations. Also, tenants should have local licensing and certifications for their pets.Pet Restrictions for Your Rental Property

Tenants pets only

You should make it clear that you allow only tenants’ pets. This can protect you in case guests bring their pets with them while visiting your tenants or when your tenants decide to care for other people’s pets on your rental property.  If you allow tenant’s guests to bring pets while visiting, be clear on that.

Make it mandatory that every tenant gets your approval for any pet they wish to keep in the rental unit. And in the event of serious or repeated violations, you reserve the right to remove the pet from your property or terminate the tenancy.