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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Prepare a “Life After Me” Document – It is Important

How to Prepare a “Life After Me” Document

The purpose of “Life After Me” document is not only to express a touching goodbye but to provide critical information about safety deposits boxes or passwords that you may not wish to share until you’re gone.  It is crucial that you Prepare a “Life After Me” Document, especially if you are an aging person or have medical conditions.

Prepare a “Life After Me” DocumentA “Life After Me” document is not legally binding because it’s not a will. It’s written with an express purpose of helping your loved ones or the executor of your estate, find what they need easily and quickly.

When writing the document, here is what to include:

  • Family history including family tree or medical history
  • A list of people to contact in the event you die
  • Burial arrangements such as cemetery deeds, detailed funeral arrangements, receipts and proof of loans or debts owed.
  • Keys or security codes to your deposit boxes, property, assets, locked safes, usernames or website urls, e-mail, credit and debit cards, social media accounts, access to photographs or personal videos etc
  • Location of your personal identification including birth certificate, passport, veteran’s identification, driver’s license
  • Physical location of critical documents such as divorce papers, escrow mortgage accounts, life insurance policies, property deeds, marriage license, stock certificates, will and estate accounts, and vehicle titles. Also indicate physical location of your completed authorization to release medical information, individual and group retirement accounts like 401 accounts, pension documents, and annuity contracts.

After preparing a “Life After Me” document, it’s important that you keep it safe. Keep an electronic copy on your computer. You can also keep a video file where you say the goodbye personally. Keep a hard in a sealed envelope and put it in a drawer or desk at home. Label the document “Open Upon My Death”.

Remember to tell your loved ones that you’ve prepared a “Life After Me” document, including where to find it and when to open it. The thought of how to Prepare a “Life After Me” Document can be a bit painful however it will assist your loved ones in the end.