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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Reasons Why Your Rental Application Can be Denied

Reasons Why Your Rental Application Can be Denied

Do you keep filling out rental applications but it ends up being rejected again and again? Don’t despair. Find out why your application was denied and what you can do to avoid having it rejected again. Real Property Management Integrity can help figure out why your rental application can be denied.Why Your Rental Application Can be Denied

Landlords and property owners normally establish specific tenant screening criteria to help in getting a qualified renter who will take care of the property.  If you find your application repeatedly rejected, here is the reason why.

  1. You lied on your applications

When filling tenant application form, do not lie about your income, criminal record or references. If the landlord or property manager counterchecks this information against public records and figures out you lied, he or she may deny you.

  1. You didn’t act professionally

You future landlord may reject your application if you failed to act professionally throughout the application process. This includes your interaction with the landlord or property manager through email, phone calls, and appointments. Always be punctual, act courteous and be courteous.

  1. You waited too long

If you spend a lot of time viewing a lot of available properties to select a favorite one, you might end up losing the opportunity to secure an apartment to rent. Be ready to submit an application as soon as you find a place you like and are qualified for.

  1. You never followed instructions

Sometimes your rental application gets denied because you didn’t follow instructions on the rental advertisement. Landlords believe that tenants who won’t follow rental advertisement details may not follow the rules or directions outlined in the lease agreement.  Always ensure you read instructions carefully when submitting your rental application for a chance to build a great relationship with your landlord.

  1. You have a bad credit score

Credit score plays a huge role in tenant screening for rental housing. It is what determines your financial ability to pay rent on time. Before submitting your rental application, check your credit score to ensure it is in a good position. If not, take necessary steps to improve your credit score.