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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

RPM Integrity is thankful for Property Owners!

Being Thankful for your Property Manager

As the holidays are quickly approaching us, People look back and ponder what and who they are thankful for. One thing that you should be thankful for are your property managers. You might not realize it but your property manager puts in a lot of time to make the owner and tenant’s life easier. Be thankful that that you do not have to take care of the late night phone calls or the phone calls from a tenant. Property managers take care of all the service calls even if it is in the early morning (2am) or late at night (midnight). Be thankful that property managers take care of getting your rent to you and making sure that it is on time. Tenants can sometimes be late with their payments so we make every effort to get your rent one time. As property managers we try to make your life easier, so you do not have worry about your property.

Property managers are also great because if you leave on vacation for the holidays and there is a broken water pipe, Real Property Management Integrity will take care of that broken pipe so you do not have to worry. Also be thankful because property managers put in a lot after hours. Even though the office closes, property manager’s work 24/7 to make sure your property is doing well. Here are a couple testimonials and experience’s from our owners and tenants.

“Professional, thorough and responsive. Their system results in a broader pool of potential applicants and higher rents. After 30 years of managing my own properties I’m glad I brought in some excellent help with this part of my life. Their strong character displays itself in every contact we
–Paul S. from Huntington Beach

“Leaving for NY and looked at a few property management companies, but Beth was prompt with calls and emails. She comes across as an experienced professional and had great suggests to get the property ready. First time dealing with a property management company and so far it’s been great!”
-Seong C… from Perris

“If I have to rate the service of Ms. Beth Kristensen of Real Property Management Integrity, I won’t hesitate to give her five stars. Why? Because first, she is professional. She knows exactly my concern and what kind of tenant I’m looking for; Second, she is efficient. From the moment she offered me the service till the tenant was locked, it just took 10 days or so; Third, she paid attention to the details like necessary home decoration and lawn maintenance and even referred to me a professional landscaper. I am a picky man, but it’s really difficult for me to find a word to complain about her job!” -Arthur…Corona

As you can see there is a lot to be thankful for when approaching this holiday season. As you should be thankful for wonderful tenants that your property manager put in your property. Having a bad tenant can make or break your experience when renting out your property. Real Property Management Integrity in Riverside, Ca. tries to make your experience the best by putting a great tenant in your property. Here are some horror stories from people who did not use property managers.

“I had a tenant that was a hoarder. We ended up evicting her and her boyfriend after 3 months. They left everything in the house. Piles and piles of trash and food. They also had 2 dogs and 2 cats that they never let outside. They did not change the litter box when it was full, instead they just placed another one next to it! Then they stopped doing that. The dogs used the whole house as a giant puppy pad. :-/ It was by far the most disgusting experience I have ever had.”

If you do not hire a property manager this is what could happen to you. Real Property Management Integrity can help you and make sure that your property is always in good condition. That is what we are here for. During this holiday season we want to be thankful for all that we have. Without a property manager your life could be really rough during this holiday season.

Thank you to all our owners who entrust their properties in Riverside area to us here at RPM Integrity. We are so thankful during this holiday season for many things and our relationship with our owners and tenants are on the top of the list!

Call Beth Kristensen at Real Property Management Integrity today and let Real Property Management Integrity, Riverside Ca. do the work for you.
Happy Holidays.
Real Property Management Integrity