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What Seniors Want in an Apartment

What Seniors Want in an Apartment

If your aim is to make your rental property more attractive to Americans of ages 55 and above, it is important to understand what seniors want in an apartment or rental property.


Seniors are looking for homes that are easy to navigate and are quickly accessible. That means a home with long driveways or multi-level entrances may be unattractive to this group. To curb the appeal of your property for older tenants, consider offering the following:

  • Parking spaces that are much closer to the entrance
  • Walkways that are as level as possible
  • Outdoor patios that are level with adjacent indoor rooms
  • ADA-compliant ramps
  • Consider widening doorways

Inclusive rents

What Seniors Want in An ApartmentMany renters of ages 55 and above are also looking for rents that include all utilities: heat and hot water, even parking and laundry, gas and electricity, and cable and internet. Older renters prefer homes where all these services and other strenuous chores such as yard work, snow removal, and home maintenance are included in the rent.

First-floor living spaces

Stairs often become a challenge and a hazard for senior renters. First-floor bedrooms and bathrooms allow people to age in place. Consider renovating your rental’s bathroom to make sure the upgrades are favorable to senior renters. Install grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet or a walk-in shower with bench seating. Also, install a comfort-height toilet which makes it easier to get on and off for older adults.

Room for guests

Because a majority of older renters have had a family home before, they are always looking for properties that have extra bedrooms that can be used as a bedroom or for visiting friends and family.

Better lighting

For safety reasons, proper lighting is a requirement in an ideal home for senior renters. Consider installing motion-sensor lights on driveways, entryways, hallways and other common areas to help brighten up various areas.  Inside, add several switches to reduce the number and length of trips needed to switch on or off lights.

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