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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Smart Rental Renovations – RPM Integrity

Smart Rental Renovations

One effective way to attract new renters and keep current residents in place is to spruce up your rental property. While most upgrades may require significant investments, there are half a dozen of other worthwhile upgrades that are cost-effective and quite profitable.

Upgrade windows

Enhancing the curb appeal of your rental property can go a long way to making a good impression on prospective renters. And the best place to start is the windows. Consider adding storm inserts and re-caulking existing windows to give me new look and feel.

Fresh paintSmart Rental Renovations

Touching up the walls with fresh coat of paint is not only cost-effective, but could go a long way toward making your home looks fresh and new. Because neutral colors are more popular with a wide range of prospective renters, it would make sense to choose such colors. To keep operations simple and inexpensive, consider painting as a DIY project.

Upgrade flooring

When it comes to flooring, wood or engineered wood planking seems to resonate well with today’s renters than tile, linoleum or carpet. Hardwood flooring is durable and easy to clean with classic look. If your property already boasts natural hardwood floors, consider refinishing them to enhance their appearance and longevity.

Spruce up bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling does not necessarily mean carrying out an entire bathroom renovation. For a quick bathroom update, focus on replacing or repairing toilet, tubs, faucets, shower heads, and fixtures. If possible, update the bathroom floors with ceramic floor tiling to make the room more inviting.

Remodel kitchen

Like the bathroom, you can make a minor kitchen overhaul and still improve its curb appeal than carrying out major kitchen remodeling project. Rather than replace cabinets in their entirety, simply switch out the doors and update them with new hardware. Replace old appliances with new, energy-efficient models. Hire a specialist to install various appliances and inspect them to ensure they function optimally.