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Space Heater Safety Tips – Keep Your Home Safe

Space Heater Safety Tips

One cost-effective way to add direct warmth to your rooms is to use space heaters. These heaters are both economical and effective, but space heater safety is something you must keep in mind.  With so many fires happening it is imperative your know simple space heater safety tips.

There are different varieties of space heater that you can choose from, ranging from gas heaters, electric heaters to whole-room and personal heaters.

Here are the space heater safety tips to help you choose and use portable space heaters wisely and safely.

Pick the right place

Select the right space heater for the right space. Some models require more space while others can be hanged directly on your wall. To avoid the risk of fire, place space heaters at least three meters away from furniture, clothing, beddings, rugs and other combustibles.

Direct plugging

Plug a portable space heater directly into an outlet. Do not attach an extension cord to the unit as this increases the chance of overheating, electric shock and fires. If you intend to attach an extension cord, ensure it is properly rated and sized for the space heater.

Inspection and maintenance

After purchasing your space heater, inspect it. Regularly clean and maintain your space heater to ensure it’s working normally. Never use a defective heater.

Switch off when not in useSpace Heater Safety Tips

Turn off a space heater and unplug it when you’re leaving a room. Some space heaters have programmable timers that automatically turn on and off the heater.

Keep heaters away from water

Do not run a space heater in a damp environment such as the bathroom or humid basement unless it is specifically designed for use in such areas. Also, to avoid risks of electric shock, do not touch the heater with wet hands.

This winter season, keep your home warm and comfortable and hazard-free with the above space heater safety tips.