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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Spring Cleaning and Rental Property Evaluation

Rental Property Evaluation and Spring Cleaning

After months of cold weather and a dark winter, we often get the itch to open up the windows and clean the house. As a Riverside property owner, we know you want to care for your rental properties and investment with the same vigor. Springtime is a great season to get in and evaluate your rental properties, clean up from winter months, and prepare for the summer to come. Here are a few tips on ways you can maximize your spring and prepare early.

Cleaning up

  • The cold season can cause general wear and tear on the furnace, landscaping, and can cause build up in storm gutters. At Real Property Management Integrity, we know that a thorough rental property evaluation gives the opportunity to assess clean up needs and to touch base with the residents on their perceived needs. It’s much easier to spend time outside correcting some of these issues during the spring months rather than waiting until the heat of the summer months.Spring Cleaning and Rental Property Evaluation

Tune up

  • Maintaining and repairing equipment is always cheaper than replacing it. Checking out the air conditioner and giving it a good tune up before the summer temperatures hit is a good way to save costs over time and to also ensure your tenants are not stuck without cool air when they need it. Checking safety regulations is also important and spring time is the perfect season to schedule these checks annually.

Overall, spring is a great time for a general check on your rental properties and Real Property Management Integrity is here to help you. Rental property evaluations and maintenance during this season can be a great way to stay on an annual schedule that ensures your properties are safe and cared for and this will ultimately save you money and headaches by avoiding emergency issues.

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