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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

The different stages of renting, RPM Integrity, Riverside Ca

by Beth Kristensen Real Property Management Integrity, Riverside Ca

The Different Stages of Renting

1st time out of the house renters

Wanting to move out and to find a new place? Here are some tips to consider.

Create a budget for everything that is necessary in your life at this time. Know how much money you have to spend on housing, food, entertainment and etc. Know the location of where you want to be. Do you want to be near the night life or do you want to be closer to work or school? There are many different options when looking and apartment or house to rent.

Consider transportation options. Do you need a place close to the train station, is public transportation going to take you where you need to go? Or if you have 1 or more vehicles, will there be parking for your vehicles. Maybe, for your first apartment, you are going to want roommates, make sure to know what you want in a roommate. Living with someone is not always easy, so find the right roommate.

Relocating to a new area

When moving to a new area, you need to feel out the area before actually buying a house and renting is a perfect way to do that. Start out by being close to work, to experience how that area looks for schools, shopping, etc. Being close to work will make the transition easier to the new city. When you are close to your work you will have extra time, from not commuting, to venture out to other areas of the city to experience what they have to offer. Also find a place where you can build community with the people around and make new friends.

Newly Married Couples

Buying a house right after being married can be kind of scary, so why not rent? Renting is a good idea because you may need to move in a couple years or your family may grow.

Consider that space that you will be working with. If you are planning on having children in the near future maybe look for a place that has two or three bedrooms and rather than just one. Know your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Financial problems are not the way to start out a marriage, so talk with your spouse and discuss how much you are willing to spend and what are the important amenities you are looking for in a property.

Do you want your community to feel like when you were in college? Consider an apartment complex that offers social events and has a resort style pool area. If you want more of a young community, look for rental houses that are condo or townhouse type.

Empty Nesters

Kids just moved and are you looking to down size?

Consider the lifestyle what you want to live after your kids move out. Renting is nice because if you plan to travel a lot then you know your property is going to be safe while you are gone.

Also when looking to rent, decide how important maintenance and the landscaping would be for example. If you know you do not want to have any yard maintenance then look for a condo or property that has a concrete or low maintenance back yard.

If you still like gardening, then look for a property close to a community garden if you don’t want to maintain it in your yard. Think about the location that you want to spend your time in. Is it in the mountains or near the beach? Each location will make have benefits for you to enjoy and explore. So choosing the best fit for your enjoyment is very important. Many things in life are changing so you might as well change up your living experience! Know your different hobbies and where you would be able to do those things. This is a new stage in your life and downsizing may be a good thing.

Real Property Management Integrity in Riverside Ca is here to help you with all your rental needs. We cover the entire Inland Empire and are looking forward to meeting you in the near future! If you are looking to lease out your property or if you are looking to rent a property, we are here to help!