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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Tips for Saving Costs on Rental Properties from RPM Integrity Riverside

Tips for Saving Costs and Maximizing Income on a Rental Property

A rental property can be a great source of residual income when managed properly. When your house or apartment is tenanted with stable, reliable individuals that pay rent on time and don’t ask much, it can be a beautiful and effortless income stream. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of up front work to make your rental property income stream effortless. The following tips can help you get to a place where that is possible.

  1. Charge the Right Price

You want to receive the maximum amount of rent that you can, but you also want to be reasonable so that your property will remain tenanted and not be plagued by turnover. To find your happy medium, it is important to do research and find out what the average rental fees in your area are. Be sure to consider apartment or house size and any upgrades or desirable features that may allow you to charge a higher fee.

  1. Utilize a Property Management Company

Managing your own rental property comes with many headaches. It can be difficult to find and screen tenants, collect rent every month, and take care of maintenance needs. A property management company will do all of this work for you so that you can simply receive the checks as they come in.

Real Property Management Integrity  have relationships with vendors, which may save you money on repairs and maintenance. Real Property Management Integrity Riverside Ca has stringent late payment policies, so tenants will be less likely to pay late and you won’t ever have to listen to excuses. Additionally, Real Property Management Integrity has policies in place for screening tenants that will help make the initial process of finding reliable tenants more likely to be successful.

  1. Make Sure You Receive All Tax Breaks

Landlords can claim all maintenance, repairs, mortgage interest, and insurance costs incurred from managing rental properties when filing taxes. Some of the costs of purchasing the building may be claimed as well, but this is not so straightforward because it must be claimed in increments over time. Hiring a cost segregation company to perform an evaluation may help you to receive the greatest tax benefit.

  1. Consider Going Green

Updating a rental property with environmentally friendly features and fixtures can save you money on taxes. Installing energy saving features and fixtures will delight your tenants, as they will save money on their electric bills. If your property is vacant when you perform upgrades, you may also be able to attract better tenants and charge higher rent.


Real Property Management Integrity, Riverside Ca covers the Inland Empire for all property management needs.  Please call us for your free rent analysis.