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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

What makes a great tenant? A great Property Manager!

What makes a great tenant? A great Property Manager!
Real Property Management Integrity in Riverside Ca is just that! A great property manager! what our clients say!

My first interaction on the telephone to inquire about what services Real Property Management provided was very professional, friendly and informative! I then met with the owner at my rental property and knew I could have peace of mine in allowing them to take over. I have experience and knowledge with property management but am now retired and feel relieved to “let it go” to a competent company. They helped me get my house up and ready to rent with great work and repair referrals. Staff have been available by phone, text and email to answer any questions I have. It rented quickly to qualified tenants. I am now considering a 2nd rental and will also have them manage that one as well. …Renne B- Riverside

Professional, courteous and responsive. They have an excellent system that results in a broader pool of potential applicants and higher rents. Their strong character demonstrates itself in each contact we have. After 30 years of managing my own properties it is great to team up with a company that does what it promises to do……Paul S-Riverside

If I have to rate the service of Ms. Beth Kristensen of Real Property Management Integrity, I won’t hesitate to give her five stars. Why? Because first, she is professional. She knows exactly my concern and what kind of tenant I’m looking for; Second, she is efficient. From the moment she offered me the service till the tenant was locked, it just took 10 days or so; Third, she paid attention to the details like necessary home decoration and lawn maintenance and even referred to me a professional landscaper. I am a picky man, but it’s really difficult for me to find a word to complain about her job!

Best regards

So how do we do it here at Real Property Management Integrity? We make sure that the tenants we place in your property have proven themselves to be solid quality tenants. When we process their application we triple check all the information on their application. In a day and age where Photoshop fraud is prevalent we want to make sure we get more documentation in order to prove the authenticity of the information the tenant is giving us. We also meet with the tenants. I know that sounds like something that is assumed always done, but I am here to tell you that is not the case. This is an automated world and the transaction can be 100% complete without ever meeting the applicant. That is not the way we at RPM Integrity work. We want a face to face with the applicant so they understand who we are and what our rules are for living in one of our managed properties. A good amount of applicants are weeded out this way. If they think they can run over an owner or give a good sob story that will help them get their way then they would apply. But with us we let them know up front that this is business and no story gets in the way of paying our owners their rent that is due.
So when you are ready to allow a professional to management your home in the Inland Empire, give Real Property Management Integrity a call!

Beth Kristensen